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Hi! My name is DeeDee!

I work with small business owners who are looking to get in front of their business and be seen and heard without being chained to social media!
here is a lot of noise out there!  
Marketing can be intimidating, time-consuming, and you often feel like you're running uphill and getting nowhere!
Do you know what sets you apart from others doing what you do?
The thing that will put you ahead of the pack and be seen and heard?


I'm here to give business owners the tools they need to step out in front of their business, be themselves and help them create a brand that connects to the right people.
I am passionate about helping others embrace their individuality, finding their purpose and using their voice to lift their brand and create a business that is truly unique.  Sure there may be other doing what you do, but there is only one you, and your people need you!
Are you ready to tell your story?  I'm here to help.
So let's get started!


I know that standing out in front of your business and marketing yourself to the world can be terrifying and overwhelming.
I want you to feel great about your brand, about your business and about yourself!  I've designed my business around, not just photographry but creating an over-all experience that makes people feel excited about their business and their brand! 

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My full Personal Branding Package is my complete solution
for ensuring that you are showing up for your business.
This includes a full consulation where we discuss your business and your needs and your story.   As needed, we can discuss branding, colours, logo and everything you need to get your business being seen.
The session itself takes around 3 hours, after which you will recieve a bank of around 150-200 images that can be shared on your social media and print marketing.
This can also include a show reel and branded images to make posting to social media easy and stress free.
You will feel like your story is being told heard with you at the front of your business brand, while not having to feel chained to your social media.

Price £550

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I am able to offer bespoke packages for all your business needs whether it be products, food or company headshots.

This can also be used as a "taster" session if you are considering a full branding package.

I charge £100 per/hour, excluding travel costs, which includes a collection of around 25 digital images.


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"Dee definitely put me at ease to get the best out of the shoot! I have also been very pleased with the quality of the photos.  Dee is a very warm and friendly person and I would highly recommend her."

"The shoot felt so relaxed and natural!"

"I can't believe how much

my business grew since

our session!"

"Dee is friendly and professional and I would highly recommend her."

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Thinking about booking a Personal Branding Session but still not quite sure? 
Why not book a FREE discovery call to find out if I'm the right fit for you?
I would love to hear from you with any questions you might have! 
Just fill in my simple contact form and I will back to you as quickly as I can!

Dee Studholme-Cote is an Exeter, Devon Brand Photographer photography as well as small business branding, throughout Devon, Darmoor and the Southwest of England

phone: 07540417505